BarkBusters vs. Zoom Room
Dog Agility Bark Busters

Zoom Room

Bark Busters

Brick-and-Mortar establishment.
A visible presence in your community.
Home-based dog training franchise.
Franchise fee: $39,000 Franchise fee: $37,500
Additional fees: none!
All training is included with no hidden fees.
Additional territory fee and training fee: $19,500
Total due to franchisor upon signing: $39,000 Total due to franchisor upon signing: $57,000
Renewal fee: none! Renewal fee: $1,500
Royalty: 8% Royalty: 8%
National Advertising Fund Contribution: 1% National Advertising Fund Contribution: 2%
Total Combined: 9% Total Combined: 10%
Sources of revenue:
  • Private dog training
  • Group classes
  • Agility league
  • Dog birthday parties
  • Center rentals
  • Retail sales of pet supplies, treats, toys and training gear
  • Rentals to local dog trainers
  • Doggy Disco nights
  • Puppy preschool
  • Meet-up events
  • Indoor dog park and agility practice
  • Bark Mitzvahs and other canine events
  • Canine Good Citizen testing
  • Educational seminars
  • Sale of gift cards
Sources of revenue:
  • Private dog training
  • Referring clients to buy products from the Bark Busters online store
Can you hire additional employees? Yes. Can you hire additional employees? Yes.
Can these employees actually train dogs?
Yes, of course! The more the merrier.
Can these employees actually train dogs?
No, they are prohibited from doing so.
Client retention:
  • One class leads naturally to the next
    • Puppy preschool -->
    • Beginning Obedience -->
    • Intermediate Obedience -->
    • Canine Good Citizen Test.
    • Puppy agility -->
    • Agility 1 -->
    • Agility 2 -->
    • Agility 3 -->
    • Weekly Agility League.
    • Etc.
  • All the while clients come back for practices, play sessions, and the occasional dog party.
  • Clients are treated as members, as are their dogs, and both are issued membership cards.
  • As a Canine Social Club, members show their loyalty and pride of place, viewing the Zoom Room as the epicenter of all things fun when it comes to dogs.
Client retention:
  • You offer a Lifetime Guarantee when you train someone's dog.
  • If the dog's problem behavior persists, you're required to come back and continue servicing the dog without collecting additional fees - for the life of the dog
  • If ownership of the dog is transferred, you continue to retrain the dog without payment
  • If the owners do not follow your instructions and behavior issues continue, you retrain without payment
  • If you do succeed in training the dog, your revenue ends, as you were simply called in to fix a problem.
  • A dog training class averages around $25
  • An affordable activity, with lots of interaction and entertainment value, for almost all dog owners.
  • Dog training costs around $675
  • Although it comes with a guarantee, this is an extremely high price point for most dog owners, especially in the current economic climate.
Training philosophy:
  • Positive-reward dog training only
  • No restraint, punishment, or dominance
  • Positive reward training is not only kinder and gentler, but also the most-widely accepted, scientifically researched, and well-established method for training all dogs
  • Easy for any pet owner to do, as it revolves around verbal praise and treats
  • Works with all dogs, without deepening pre-existing conditions
Training philosophy:
  • All-encompassing training philosophy
  • Includes use of corrections, throw chains, muzzles and similar apparatus.
Social aspect:
  • You teach group classes at your own dedicated training center, with dogs and their owners coming to you
  • Owners are always present, and training revolves around deepening the bonds of communication between dogs and their owners.
  • Your center includes a Hound Lounge with refreshments, hot dogs and ice cream for both dogs and their owners, free WiFi, coffee, and a kid-center with toys and games
  • As the Zoom Room is also a Canine Social Club, you'll also be playing host or hostess to dog birthday parties, breed meet-up groups, Doggy Disco nights, Yappy Hour, and other social gatherings of like-minded dog-owners.
Social aspect:
  • You work out of your house and go to other people's homes to train their dogs.
  • You also go out into the community to try to drum up new business.